March 2, 2012

Drunken British Expats Should Be Chained Up

Li Ka-shing recently asked the Hong Kong citizenry for some “good ideas” that could make Hong Kong a better place. Here’s one:

Sentence all drunken idiots stumbling around Soho/Central/LKF to 100 days chained to a bar in Soho/Central/LKF … with no booze. Let’s see how many a cappella renditions of Frankie Valli’s “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” they can take, then throw in a few strangers draping their arms around them and breathing over and over into their face, “Yuh know, I dunno whoyooarr, buh I love you sho mush.”

An eye for an eye, and all that.

Bangkok should adopt this good idea. But let's not discriminate - apply it to the backpackers too.

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The Bangkok Optician Who Makes Bamboo Saxophones

“About 30 years ago, I watched a TV show with this German guy on it, who made bamboo saxophones in the northern part of Thailand," says Waiboon. "I can play flute, and the bamboo instrument has the same fingering. The sound touched my heart. I felt sure I could play it.”

Eventually the two met in Bangkok, and Waiboon took to teaching himself to play the instrument, as well as trying to learn tunes off the radio.
“I always listened to the radio at night," he recalls. "Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, Beethoven, instrumental music. I was always listening, but I didn’t know the names of the songs.”

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July 21, 2011

July 11, 2011

Self-Reminder: Stop Being A F-cking Pussy

Ok, you want to be successful. You think you’re trying your hardest. Dammit you are pretty sure you’re gunning for it, really hard!
But here is the truth: You’re not.

It’s time you stopped being a fucking pussy.

You want a better blog, a more profitable business, a happier marriage, or a better life? You want to meet a girl, or travel to Asia, or lose weight, or meet an Asian girl who’ll help you lose weight, or something else? Great! So does everyone.

Just to be clear: for other people, it is entirely clear that you haven’t fully committed. If you had, you would be closer. Why?

You would do the exercises.
You’d put in the hours.
You’d take people’s advice (especially if it made you uncomfortable!).
You’d learn to talk to people.
You would find a system.

Look, your lack of progress pretty much stems from things you’re avoiding because a) you are unsure of how they’re done, or b) you’re unconsciously (or consciously!) unwilling to do them. In other words, you are a fucking pussy.

You might be saying, “No Julien, I’m just procrastinating. It’s in my nature. I’m just bad at being organized.” I call bullshit.
Examine your intentions. There is a real something holding you back– I guarantee it. Unless what you really want to do is sit around playing Nintendo DS all day, there is something else there.

Ask yourself out loud: What am I afraid of?

I guarantee that when you do this, when you say it out loud and listen to the answer, your answer will sound stupid. Because most of our issues are pretty stupid.

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June 28, 2011

Most Favourite Clips of the Month

"You can quote them. Disagree with them. Glorify...or vilify them. But the only thing you can't ignore them..."

Getting goosebumps and motivated watching these two clips. Every time.

June 13, 2011

Best Wedding Proposal Ever?

I say cut all the crap out (esp. the first 5 mins) or pretty much all the crazy dancing...(except the groom dancing bit...cos that's so awkward it's good!) It's not the So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With The Stars, come on!