November 30, 2008

A Small Hub of Creative Spirits

If you're one that's always looking for a creative inspiration or the fact that your room or house is decorated with design pieces here and there... Make sure to check out the TCDC shop for the local designs and international finds.

French designed vegetable peelers and salt-n-pepper sets (those seen in the Pompidou Center, Paris), Japanese notebooks, Rococo rings, MAO pillows, LOMO cameras or even Voodoo dolls! These are just a few examples among other special pieces that you might automatically convince yourself once there that quite a few things, well, should become yours.

TCDC Shop, 6th floor
The Emporium Shopping Mall
BTS Station: Phrom Phong

November 27, 2008

Smells Like Feminine Spirits

Can't deny that many girls and women have become more and more frenzied over a bottle of perfume. Which scent, which brand, which design of bottle...oh so many, even too many, to choose from! I remember when I was studying in Paris, whenever I went to Sephora on the infamous Champs Elysees, it was madness! Hundreds of scents to test and try. I at least spent an hour there almost every one of my visits.

Yes, I'm rather obssessed with scents and smells. Some scents or smells can strike you back into the past, making you feel nostalgic. Or sometimes, your favorite scents can surprisingly boost a confidence. And now that perfumes have become not just a good scent but more of a fashion statement, seems like more and more people, both men and women, will use more than just their noses to decide which brand they would like to spend the money on.

Anyway, here are my top 5 perfumes.

1. Sonia Rykiel by Sonia Rykiel
A perfume for an independent, sophisticated spirit with seductive and sensual side. A blend of passion fruit, mandarin and pineapple in combination with light, sweet flowers, and low, warm notes of vanilla.
2. Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier
Sensual and sophisticated. Warm and profound, its charm lies in its floral, voluptuous, and deliciously entrancing notes.
3. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
A modern oriental fragrance, fresh, sensual and abstract. The clear, simple, structured spirit of Chanel
4. Baby Doll by YSL
Baby Doll speaks to the woman who is naturally young at heart. She is sophisticated, yet clings to the lightheartedness of youth. A precocious beauty with a sweet, sensitive side, she's the center of attention and life of the party.
5. Amour by Kenzo
Sensual, soft and feminine. Kenzo introduces a soft, sensual, serene fragrance with a woody, musky scent. Olfactory evocations of travelling through Asia, with memories of India, Indonesia, Japan, Burma, and Thailand.

November 25, 2008


Despite the heat of the political and economical crisis that Thailand is facing right now, the cool breeze of "winter" has officially arrived. A rumour says that it might snow in Bangkok next year. Personally, I won't put any hope in such a rumour. Let's say if this weather lasts for more than a month, I will be happy enough.

Since the past weeks, more and more fashionistas have been putting on scarves, boots, cardigans, or even a leather jacket just to welcome the long awaited "winter" season...that doesn't visit us so often.

Photo source: Cheeze Magazine