August 19, 2010

Little Girl

The worlds always amazed at how much cash you made
But not at how you made it, its just strange
It sounded kind of cool over the phone
It killed your neighbors and their dog and crushed their bones

You tortured little girl
Showing them what laughters all about
Where did all the wine go?
Every night its gone

August 15, 2010

How to tell your GF that you are not having beer with Friends

This shall save us all...from a girlfriend/boyfriend/mum/dad...HAHA

Drink, Play F&#k

The New Yorker interviews Andrew Gottlieb about his new book “Drink, Play, F@#k”.
I wrote “Drink, Play, F@#k” because I was mystified by the success of “Eat, Pray, Love,” and I felt that the book, and its Oprah-sanctioned ubiquity, needed to be made fun of. Initially my book was just going to be a broad parody of Elizabeth Gilbert’s story. But, as I began outlining and writing, I realized that a straight parody would bore me (and, presumably, the readers) pretty quickly. I also realized that, while my book is basically just a humorous goof, I also had something to say about the differences and the similarities between the way men and women approach problems. I would say that the “Drink, Play, F@#k” ratio is approximately 72% parody, 27% greater statement, and 1% half-assed get-rich-quick-scheme.

The New Yorker: Is this a book that celebrates an alternative male escape, or that mocks the idea that such an escape is valuable or possible?

Andrew Gottlieb: I have been married for twenty-one years, and I have three children. I would never mock any kind of male escape alternative. However, I’m not above mocking self-obsession, dramatic hand-wringing, and whiny navel-gazing.

I'm sure you men don't have to buy this book to master such things. These places just naturally bring out "the best" in you ;)

August 11, 2010

iPhone Users Have Twice as Much Sex as Android Users

iPhone Users Have Twice as Much Sex as Android Users (Plus! Sexiest Cameras)

According to 11 million plus images indexed by users of dating site OK Cupid, iPhone users get laid twice as often as Android more.