May 30, 2010


A Swiss flashmob protest of nuclear power plants, which involved hundreds of people suddenly collapsing in the street (to mimic the physical ramifications of a nuclear meltdown), managed to scare the bejeezus out of passers-by who were not in on the happening. via

May 22, 2010

I Love Living Life, I Am Happy

A little bit sensationalizing. A little bit too hippy to some. Also, he does believe in God. But to cynical and atheist friends out there, that's not the point of the clip. Have a look.

May 20, 2010

Learn More about the Situation in Thailand

1. The Down-Trodden Rural Poor of Thailand

2. Thai Power Grows from the Barrel of a Gun By William Barnes


A Speech of one of the Red-shirt main supporters:

"Brothers, if you know that a crackdown isimminent, next time bring an empty bottle here and refill it with 75 cc- 1 liter of gasoline. If one million of us blast through Bangkok with one million liter of gasoline, I guarantee you that Bangkok will be drown in a sea of fire! *Cheering* This is our way to let the soldiers, the lap dogs of the aristocrats, know that if a single drop of the Redshirts' blood spills, Bangkok will instantly become the sea of fire!

For brothers in other provinces, Mr. Jatuporn has already said this. It's ok even if you cannot join us here. If anything happens to us in Bangkok, mobilize the crowd and burn down the city hall to the ground! *Cheering* Brothers in Bangkok may remember that,during the Black May, there was an attempt to deploy the troops to crackdown on the people. Fortunately, there were some patriots (inaudible) managed to tinker with the traffic..."

Note: The speech is much longer. If you are interested in the full version, please let me know.

Also, have a look at an interview of Stephen Young on Thai Politics. Even Thais have to nod in agreement how well he knows Thailand!

Love It Raw

Located in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, Strawser & Smith specialize in home furnishings repurposed from America's industrial past. The newly minted shop boasts a meticulously edited collection, primarily sourced from defunct industries of the Midwest. Many pieces date back to factories in Rust Belt cities like Detroit and Youngstown, that are refurbished in Cleveland before getting shipped to Brooklyn.

Currently, you can find a range of pieces, from authentic medical and stage lights to original maps from the 1920s and employee cubbies straight from a mid-century factory floor. Throughout the collection, you'll notice a heavy reliance on cast iron and production methods no longer employed today.


Projekt P.I.W.O.

Transforming their dormitory building into a light show extravaganza, the students at Poland's Wroclaw University of Technology demonstrated their tech-savvy skills with this large-scale installation of pixel-like flashes set to an equally animated soundtrack.

Called "Projekt P.I.W.O.," (the acronym means "beer" in Polish), it's simultaneously humorous and beautiful—particularly the Michael Jackson tribute about seven minutes in.

Part of an impressive series that shows off the school's technological virtuosity, this video depicts a spectrum of influences and creates a dynamic landscape within the solid world of dorm buildings.


Men are Bigger Liars than Women

Men are more likely to tell lies than women and feel less guilty about it, says a survey.
In a poll of 3,000 people, researchers found that the average British man tells three lies every day, that's equivalent to 1,092 a year.

However the average woman appears more honest, lying 728 times a year - around twice a day.
Mums are the people mostly likely to be lied to, says the Science Museum who commissioned the survey.

Concerning the kind of lies we tell, men said that they most often lie to their partner about their drinking habits. "I didn't have that much to drink" is men's most popular fib.

Whereas women use the line, "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine" most often to hide their true feelings.

1. I didn't have that much to drink
2. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine
3. I had no signal
4. It wasn't that expensive
5. I'm on my way
6. I'm stuck in traffic
7. No, your bum doesn't look big in that
8. Sorry, I missed your call
9. You've lost weight
10. It's just what I've always wanted

1. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine
2. I don't know where it is, I haven't touched it
3. It wasn't that expensive
4. I didn't have that much to drink
5. I've got a headache
6. It was in the sale
7. I'm on my way
8. Oh, I've had this ages
9. No, I didn't throw it away
10. It's just what I've always wanted

The full article...

May 17, 2010

Stephen Young on Thai Politics

Part 2

Part 3

"Democracy without ethics? Is that good?"

"Democracy is not the goal, Justice is the goal."

"If you have a democratic system. But it's corrupted... It abuses people. It's what we call the Tyranny of the Majority"

"Weather it's a monarchy, aristocracy or democracy. You must have law, ethic and justice to control abuse of power."