May 20, 2010

Learn More about the Situation in Thailand

1. The Down-Trodden Rural Poor of Thailand

2. Thai Power Grows from the Barrel of a Gun By William Barnes


A Speech of one of the Red-shirt main supporters:

"Brothers, if you know that a crackdown isimminent, next time bring an empty bottle here and refill it with 75 cc- 1 liter of gasoline. If one million of us blast through Bangkok with one million liter of gasoline, I guarantee you that Bangkok will be drown in a sea of fire! *Cheering* This is our way to let the soldiers, the lap dogs of the aristocrats, know that if a single drop of the Redshirts' blood spills, Bangkok will instantly become the sea of fire!

For brothers in other provinces, Mr. Jatuporn has already said this. It's ok even if you cannot join us here. If anything happens to us in Bangkok, mobilize the crowd and burn down the city hall to the ground! *Cheering* Brothers in Bangkok may remember that,during the Black May, there was an attempt to deploy the troops to crackdown on the people. Fortunately, there were some patriots (inaudible) managed to tinker with the traffic..."

Note: The speech is much longer. If you are interested in the full version, please let me know.

Also, have a look at an interview of Stephen Young on Thai Politics. Even Thais have to nod in agreement how well he knows Thailand!

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