April 30, 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

The royal wedding was beautiful and elegant....but the Gypsy wedding is definitely more fun to watch.

April 28, 2011

Ric Elias: 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

Meet 2011 TED Prize Winner: JR

JR exhibits his photographs in the biggest art gallery on the planet. His work is presented freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Action; it talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.

Anti Aging 101

1 Thin Hair
The cause: Hormonal changes, diet, and inadequate levels of iron in the bloodstream can all play a role in your hair's overall loss of thickness.

The cure: Pop a multivitamin that's rich in amino acids and B vitamins.

2 Yellow Teeth and Receding Gums
The cause: Over time, surface bacteria and dark-colored drinks cause enamel stains, while plaque overgrowth can result in receding gums.
The cure: Floss daily—no excuses! "It's a must to help maintain healthy gum tissue and keep it from receding," says Brecht.

3 Sparse, Brittle Eyelashes
The cause: Frequent eye rubbing can trigger lashes to shed, explains Jan Marini, founder and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research. Plus, nature's replenishing system slows down as we get older, leaving us with fewer lashes that don't stick around as long. And those weak, brittle ends? Old mascara is the likely culprit, since most formulas cake up and are hard to remove.

The cure: To prevent breakage, replace mascara every 90 days and use a gentle remover each night to take off all eye makeup.

4 Dry, Rough Nails and Damaged Cuticles
The cause: Skin and nails lose moisture with age. And the dryness is compounded by frequent hand washing and overexposure to harsh, cold temperatures. "Constant use of polish and coarse nail tools will also weaken the nails," says Jin Soon Choi, a salon owner in New York City

The cure: Hydrate your hands with a petrolatum-based cream to lock in moisture. At night, massage cuticle oil around the edges of your nail beds to prevent breakage. via