February 17, 2009

Mister Universe

An article about Charles Veley, the most traveled man on earth, who has spent the past nine years conquering the world. He's logged almost three million miles and spent nearly $2 million in an effort, as he puts it, ‘‘to go everywhere in the world.’’

"In 2003, at age 37, he became the youngest person to visit all 317 countries and provinces recognized by the Travelers’ Century Club, an organization of globe-trotters who’ve visited at least 100 countries or territories. A year later he approached the Guinness World Records to certify his status as the world’s most traveled person, only to discover that the Guinness authorities had discontinued the category, because, he said, they could no longer agree on an objective standard."

"I find a great thrill in imagining a trip in the abstract, then turning it into reality."

"The list is just a tool that helps me set priorities and stay motivated to see new places," he said. "It’s not about declaring yourself the winner and being done. For me, there is no done."

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