October 19, 2009

Laptop Radiation

We have all heard of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation coming from laptops, and what this radiation might be doing to our bodies. The fact is many appliances give off some radiation including television sets, DVD players, satellites, microwave ovens, computers, and of course mobile phones.

The risk of developing health problems because of radiation exposure is supposed to increase dramatically if we spend a great deal of time in close proximity to this radiation and particularly when we use wireless technology, which many of us do when we use our laptops. The main concern with laptops is that they sit on your lap, which just happens to be incredibly close to your genitals and therefore the word on the street is that it can make you infertile and can cause cancer. It sounds terrifying doesn’t it?

According the World Health Organisation there is no danger from Wi-fi as the radiation levels are much lower than the threshold for an effect on humans. It’s all so terribly confusing making it difficult to know what to believe. What we do know is that radiation can be harmful in large doses. So how do we know if we are suffering from the effects of radiation exposure?

Symptoms associated with Electromagnetic radiation exposure

Although the following symptoms are associated with radiation exposure, it doesn’t mean that radiation is the cause of the symptoms.
- Fatigue
- Inability to concentrate
- Headaches
- Psychological problems
- Anxiety and Depression
- Insomnia
- Memory lapses
- Dizziness
- Feeling breathless
- Nausea

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