June 16, 2010

The Single-Serve Plastic Wine Glasses

An English entrepreneur has sold this invention of single-serve plastic wine glasses–stem and all!–to Marks & Spencer, which now “struggles to keep up with demand.” He is laughing all the way to the bank since a business reality show in the UK called “Dragons’ Den” panned the idea when he presented it on the show. Sold under the brand “Le Froglet,” the individual 187ml glasses cost £2.25 ($3.33) for a Shiraz, Rose and Chardonnay, which, apparently, come from the Languedoc. via

I'm excited about this invention. I remember I told my friend that I wanted to bring a bottle of wine and plastic glasses and have a picnic in a park. He condemned me for wanting to drink wine of the plastic glasses. Look, now! IN YOUR FACE! HA!

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