January 3, 2011

Top 10 Destinations for 2011...

Antarctica. “This is a destination of extremes: the weather is unpredictable, the distances long but the experience nothing short of remarkable.”

Bhutan. “Its landscapes, spirituality and charming people are the biggest attractions and there’s a small but excellent choice of luxe lodgings.”

Croatia. “It’s Europe’s new Riviera. Blessed with ancient monuments, a sun-drenched coastline and turquoise seas…It offers a fabulous cultural heritage (of) Roman ruins and walled cities.”

The Galapagos Islands. “Rated “Top Island” in the World’s Best Awards 2010, the Galapagos archipelago is rightly hot.”

South Australia. “Travelers wanting to escape urban confines with a holiday….are excited about new Arkaba Station, a 60,000 acre working sheep station in the Flinders Ranges.”

Japan. “Japan’s cultural and scenic attractions are up there…From the neon lights of ultra-modern Tokyo to the World Heritage shrines of Nikko National Park and the geisha culture of Kyoto, Japan dazzles.”

Mexico. “There’s something for everyone in Mexico, from vast deserts to jungle, ancient Mayan ruins to tropical Caribbean beaches, snow-capped volcanoes to bustling modern cities.”

Morocco. “Dust, desert, souks and spices. Colorful and exotic, it’s home to a fusion of Berber, Arabic and Moorish cultures.”

Syria. “There are spectacular desert palaces, rambling archaeological sites, ornate Islamic mosques, Roman ruins, Crusader castles, chaotic medieval souks and a rich cuisine.”

Zambia. “Home to the walking safari, this is the place to go for some of the world’s best game viewing and you can do it in the traditional style on foot at Sanctuary Zebra Plains.” via

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