December 12, 2008

Dirty Dancing

As dirty, quirky, stupid, or awkward as you'd like...just get it out and enjoy it! Dance before your kids (if you don't plan to have, then please ignore it.) or your knees or hips won't allow you to. Doesn't matter in the shower or on the bed. Or attend a salsa or whatever dancing class they have to offer. Or out clubbing with your friends. It's all good.

At home:

Out about town:
Tapas (house) | Silom soi 4
808 (electro, house, drum 'n' bass | RCA
Flix (electro, hip hop) | RCA
Club Soma (indie) | RCA
Bed Supper club (depends) | Sukhumvit soi 11
Q Bar (depends)| Sukhumvit 11
Narcissus (techno)| Sukhumvit 23


Mu Mu said...

Hey! Glad you are keeping a blog now (and AGAIN)... I will keep mine too (but will be related more to food than fashion but absolutely about Paris hahaha)

Have a great time in Paris na... for me ;)

Anonymous said...

Club Culture anyone ?
Narcissus has been closed for a year, so i wonder why it is in your list.

AJ said...

uh it's reopened...or atleast for the new year eve O.o