December 7, 2008

Sitting in the Silence

It might be a little difficult within today's chaos of the world to easily find a peace of mind and some quiet time to yourself. Besides less oxygen in the air, we have to inevitably face the visual pollution of the billboard ads and buildings as well as the noise pollution from traffic and, well, gossips.

It'd rather special for city people like us to find some quality quiet time to think through some thoughts or ponder on some questions and answers. To find that pleasant settings and make it our comfort zone, even if it's for just 5-10 mins is something to cherish.

Here are some ideas for that pleasant settings:
1. on the beach (ones of the closest beaches to Bangkok ie. Koh Samed, Koh Lan, Koh Chang...)
2. on the roof or rooftop
3. in the bathtub (with some bossa nova or jazz music on)
4. at the balcony
5. lying in the grass (a good idea for this time of the year at the parks or up the mountain since the weather is not so hot.)
6. on a train (be it skytrain or a train out of town)
7. over a morning coffee (the smell of coffee is considered an aroma.)
8. in bed (have the air-con on and stuff yourself in the duvet.)
9. in a coffee shop (Starbucks on Thonglor is not a bad idea or a Dutch coffee shop;)
10.over business meetings or lectures

Photo source: Jason Nocito


So What ?Di Khrap said...

11 - Sit in the street and look at old grand ma cookin'

So What ?Di Khrap said...

12 - Bed, chocolate wit entire nuts, lover & Wong Kar Wai Movie