December 15, 2009

Anti-Aging Tip

Tip description / details:
My tip is to have more sex. Sex increases all kinds of wonderful hormones and things. Who doesn't have the most radiant glow after lovemaking? To stay looking young into her 90's my grandmother always recommended regular sex. She was a firecracker, but she looked good till the end.

A man, and an hour.

How to prepare:
Sexy lingerie, etc.

How to use:
Uh, this is up to you. Grandma always said that she and grandpa still 'did it' (her words) once a week into their 90s! Well, he was a little younger: she died at 101, he was 96. I don't know if he was using Viagra or what, but she was always pretty proud of herself and never was shy about telling other why she still looked so good. And I will give it to her, she was a very glamorous woman, and never looked a day over 75

Results (observed by submitter):
So far, so good. And it's not like getting a root canal, after all! You just need a willing partner I guess.


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