December 14, 2009

Cosmopolitan, Really?

"I...have so many words about this cover. First, she's wearing my jeans from '93. Second, as one of the many readers who emailed us about this pointed out, she's wearing Pamela Anderson's face from '96. I must add that she's also wearing Pamela Anderson Lee's wig from '95, and Marie Antoinette neck's from 1794, otherwise known as none. Third, according to this cover, now I have to get a sexy VAGINA? Are you SERIOUS? SERIOUSLY, COSMO, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Worrying that your vagina is not sufficiently sexy is like being concerned that your ear drums are flabby: IT IS RIDICULOUS. Don't we have enough to worry about -- unemployment, teen pregnancy, insufficiently voluminous hair, and the possible resurgence of clogs -- without being told we need to be sitting around wondering if our vagina looks frumpy? STOP THE MOTHERF'ING MADNESS. EVERYONE'S VAGINA IS FINE. WORRY ABOUT THE CLOGS. And the fact that Amanda Bynes is now a Botoxed 42 year old Malibu matron who is totally wearing Uggs with those jeans."


Her comment is spot on! What the hell is sexy vagina?? Maybe a man can tell me about this?

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